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Graycraft Homes strives to build quality homes of lasting value by providing an honest fair working relationship with new homeowners, subcontractors and suppliers. Graycraft Homes builds homes with novel designs, proven innovative materials and techniques. We create an atmosphere where families can experience the satisfaction and pride of purchasing their new home; by implementing a series of meetings with our customers throughout the construction process to do our utmost to ensure a positive buying experience. Commitment to customer satisfaction from the sales process through the years into home ownership, will set Graycraft Homes apart from our competitors in the Durham Region.

  • Quality Homes
  • Innovative Materials and Techniques
  • Novel Designs
  • Emerging Home Trends

Building Quality Homes

Graycraft Homes specializes in building affordable and quality family homes in Durham Region. We pay great attention to detail when constructing our homes and assure that all needs are met. The quality and design of our homes cannot be beat! The Graycraft name is synonymous with: quality, responsible corporate citizenship, commitment to the environment and to our communities. We invest in solid market research that captures emerging trends in the home building industry. Graycraft Homes ensures that each of its employees and trade partners is committed to the companies values of quality and the commitment to the environment and communities.

What We Offer

Graycraft Homes strives to build quality homes of lasting value with novel designs using innovative proven materials and techniques to create a satisfying positive new home buying experience in the Durham Region. 

Graycraft Homes Core Values

  • To address the changing needs and expectations of our customers we follow a path of continual improvement in our internal quality control measures.
  • Using proven, innovative materials, techniques and technologies we build homes of the highest quality.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction we base every aspect of our work on customer-focused quality, service, and accountability – from the sales office experience through the construction process and years into our homeowners’ after-sales needs
  • We exhibit corporate citizenship by conducting our operations in a manner that is sustainable – economically, socially and environmentally and is in the best interests of long-term success for our company, our customers, trade partners and employees
  • To establish family-friendly communities we seek out desirable settings.

Graycraft homes Insures Quality

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