Buyer Visitation at: Harry Gay Drive Courtice


I acknowledge and agree as follows:

  1. I am requesting in-person visitation of the Model Home at 137 Harry Gay Drive in Courtice ( “the Property”). I do so voluntarily and of my own free will without any coercing by any person or company and being fully aware that we are in the midst of a COVID-19 virus pandemic and the virus appears to be highly contagious;
  2. I fully understand that by seeking in-person access to the Property, there is a risk I may be exposing myself to the potential transmission of the COVID-19 virus to myself, my family or my friends. I knowingly, freely and voluntarily accept the inherent risks of this activity, including possible contamination, illness or death;
  3. I will maintain at least a 6 foot or 2 metre physical/social distancing from all other persons present throughout the duration of the visitation to the Property;
  4. I have been advised to follow best practices related to in-person Property visitation during the COVID-19 pandemic, including but not limited to; keeping my hands in my pockets, refraining from touching any surfaces, turning lights on or off, opening or closing doors, not using washroom facilities, and wherever possible, disinfecting my hands immediately before and after the visitation;
  5. I have been fully advised of the risks involved related to in-person Property visitation during the COVID-19 virus pandemic and I take full responsibility for any negative consequences resulting from continuing this activity at this time;
  6. I acknowledge that I have been advised to seek legal advice regarding the risks associated with in-person Property visitation during the COVID-19 virus pandemic, and to do so again prior to committing to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale related to the property; and,
  7. I agree to indemnify, save harmless, release, discharge, acquit and forgive any and all liability, claims, actions, suits, demands, costs or expenses of any kind, as related to any health risks or adverse health related consequences, arising as a result of my visitation at the Property.

Prior to entering the Property please consider the health and safety of others. Please note that access to the Property will not be granted for any Purchaser or Agent who has either not completed this form, or has been unable to answer NO to all 4 of the above health questions.


Please check all that apply;

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